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Posted by beernuts on June 7, 2006, 11:34 pm

Sam Inman wrote:

I thought this was supposed to be standard in new Prius now

Posted by mrv@kluge.net on June 9, 2006, 5:50 pm

beernuts wrote:

VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) is an option in the 2004-current Prius.
 For the US:  http://www.toyota.com/prius/options.html

You may be confusing VSC with traction control.  Traction control is
standard in the 2004-current Prius.  (There was a "simulated" traction
control in the 2001-2003 Prius, but not a marketable traction control.)

Posted by AS on June 12, 2006, 9:56 pm

It's one of those things that will probably never be worth the money UNLESS,
of course, there is that one time when you have the bad luck to need it and
don't have it.

My son drives a Subaru with a somewhat similar stability control.  In over
150,000 driving miles he saw it kick on only once, but it kept him from
smacking into a tree.  (Wet road, sharp curve, too fast.)

Posted by gc3jeff on June 21, 2006, 11:43 pm

AS (change "z" to "x") wrote:

I've had my 05 Prius for 20 months.  The VSC kicks on every now and
then, usually when I'm on uneven roads or if I over-accelerate for a
turn, instead of getting out of control, the yellow light kicks on the
car magically corrects and quickly returns stability to the car.  I've
had it click on when I went from dry to wet to dry pavement too.

It feels weird at first because the car does feel like it's drifting or
about to get loose, but I've come to love the little yellow light.
It's a similar experience to the first time the gas motor turns off and
you think the car has stalled.  Unusual at first, but then it's cool
after that and just becomes part of the driving experience.

I would say worth it from utilizing the benefits.

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