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Posted by Bill on September 13, 2006, 3:11 pm

I park in an attached garage.  Ultimately it would only have been used for
show and tell so, having sufficiently bored my passengers with the nav unit
& keyless entry, I forgot about it.  An electronic mailbox opener would be
more useful to me.  :-)

When I built my home I used handles instead of knobs everywhere.  The
Schlage brand is unique in that it does not unlock when operated from the
inside.  Lock the door, go to bed, get up, go outside to fetch the
newspaper, turn around and find yourself locked outside in nothing but your
shorts.  It's not pretty, especially in my case.  I think other brands
unlock when operated from the inside.

Posted by MFH on September 14, 2006, 4:55 pm

I know someone with a "gun rack", which has no handle to open the doors, he
waves a magnetic fob near them and they unlock and open, sounds like what
you want, I personally let my three neufies and one English mastiff lock my

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