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Loud Shutdown Noise in Cool to Cold Weather

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Posted by baumgrenze on March 8, 2007, 4:38 am

I drive a 2004 Prius. I just had 25,000 miles service done on it

I would like to know if others have experienced the phenomenon I
describe below.

Since December or January, if the ambient temperature is below 40
degrees F, and if I drive just a few miles, when I shut down the car
the normally almost inaudible shutdown noises becomes much louder. The
louder sound is very much like a hen house after one of the hens has
laid an egg. It lasts the normal ~30 seconds.

I am concerned that trouble may be developing. I'd like to nip it in
the bud.

The service department at my dealership on the San Francisco Peninsula
had not heard any similar complaints. It was too warm this morning to
elicit the sound for them to hear.


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