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Lutz is back

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Posted by bwilson4web on September 3, 2011, 12:21 am
Every now and then I read an article and realize, something that is
dreadfully wrong:


"(Reuters) - Bob Lutz, the outspoken former product development czar
at General Motors, has been hired as a part-time adviser to the top
U.S. automaker.

Lutz, 79, retired from GM in 2010. A charismatic figure known for his
blunt criticism . . ."

Lutz had budget and authority to along with his European 'buddies' to
sponsor, to fund, a substantial anti-hybrid, anti-Prius propaganda
effort. I am not surprised that when he left GM, the propaganda stream
against hybrid disappeared. Now, GM is bringing this fossil back.

There is nothing Lutz could teach today's GM management that they
couldn't learn best by visiting one week to one month old, new GM
product buyers. That is the cutting edge, not in a 79 year old . . .
guy who ruled over GM's bankruptcy.

Bob Wilson

Posted by Neo on September 3, 2011, 6:06 pm
Lutz the Klutz is back?   I agree that Mr. KLutz is dead-weight; it's
General Motors' folly that they've hired him as an advisor.  But you
have to look at the bright side -- If  he mounts a successful anti
Prius (Plug-in) campaign long enough to depress the prices for Prius
PHEV -  then it could create the perfect window of opportunity to buy
a new Prius Plug-in at a signficant discount!  It wasn't until the
"Runaway Toyota" fisaco and the Congressional hearings that I was able
to get a good price on a new Prius at the local Toyota dealership.
ISTM one of the reasons the Chevy Volt has been doing so poorly is due
to Klutz's past involvement.

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