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MFD Problems and DICE iPod Interface

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Posted by Bream Rockmetteller on May 20, 2008, 6:11 am
Just in case you didn't know....

I had a sudden MFD failure today.

I've got an early '05, so I was worried that it was "the" failure, but
the symptoms just didn't seem right. Slow response to button presses,
messages that the air conditioner and GPS weren't connected... not the
flaky reactions of the now-classic MFD failure.

A little searching over at priuschat.com turned up repeating mention
that the DICE iPod interface can cause odd MFD behavior from
time-to-time. So, I unplugged the little box, and all's well! I've
moved it up into the glove compartment where it's more easily
accessible so, when it happens again, it'll be easier to unplug on the
go! Seems fine for now, but time will tell.

A little note to DICE iPod interface owners.
Bream Rockmetteller
Donaldson's Dog Joy

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