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Posted by mrv@kluge.net on January 28, 2006, 1:39 pm
at 4500 miles since last reset, the Maint Reqd light will blink when
you turn on the Prius.
at 5000 miles since last reset, the Maint Reqd light will stay on

It is just a reminder light (based on miles driven) to take the car in
for service (oil/filter change and tire rotation).

(I'm guessing that the rental car doesn't have an owner's manual in it?
 The light is explained in there, as well as how to turn off (reset)
the light (such as if you do your own oil changes).)

Posted by Glenn Arsenault on January 28, 2006, 2:24 pm
Idiot light for oil change reminder, the instructions to turn it off are in
the Owner's Manual

Posted by Ph@Boy on January 28, 2006, 4:21 pm

Push in and hold mileage/odometer reset knob while turning on ignition
switch. Hold the knob in for about 10 seconds, release and shut ignition
switch off. (you may see disappearing horizontal bars on the odometer
display as you do this procedure) It should be described somewhere in
the manual usually as "resetting the maint reqd indicator". It's
function usually is a reminder of an oil change and is triggered by a
pre determined mileage setting programmed on the computer. Hope this
helps you.

tforms1@yahoo.com wrote:

Posted by Bruce L. Bergman on January 29, 2006, 1:53 am

  That will reset the 'Maintenance' light, but do it AFTER talking to
the rental agency.  If you reset it without telling someone, they
might not know to do the work when you turn the car in, and when oil
changes get skipped that's how oil sludging starts.

  If you'll only need the car for another week, put a piece of black
tape over the light.   Going 300 miles over on the oil change won't
hurt anything, it's when you go 10,000 miles over that the fun starts.

  If your car is going to be down for several more weeks and you
really love driving this car, perhaps the rental agency can have you
pop by their maintenance shop after work.  They can do the 5,000 Mile
service and send you on your way in a half hour or so.  If there's a
mechanic waiting for you that can jump right on it, an oil change and
lube does not take very long.

  Considering it's a Prius and not your normal run of the mill car,
they might have you take it to the local Toyota dealer on their dime.
The Trained Prius Tech will know what special areas need checking, and
he can do them a LOT faster than a regular line tech.

  I'd choose to spend a half hour cooling my heels in the Customer
Lounge drinking their coffee and reading the paper while they do a
fast oil change on the Prius every time, over doing all the paperwork
to exchange rental cars and then being stuck in a (Eew!) Ford Focus.

       --<< Bruce >>--

Bruce L. Bergman, Woodland Hills (Los Angeles) CA - Desktop
Electrician for Westend Electric - CA726700
5737 Kanan Rd. #359, Agoura CA 91301 (818) 889-9545
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Posted by tforms1 on January 30, 2006, 4:59 pm
 Thanks for the replies everyone.
Ok, if it is the oil change light ONLY (so it cant be something else?)
then I will leave the light on when I return the car.

I figure its at 5k now, an extra 1200 miles wont kill it/should be safe
to drive.

When I had my old Corrolla, I sometimes went 7-10k miles without a

The agency does not do the servicing there, they only do it at the main
places at the airport, and Im nowhere near the airport.

Hell, they didnt even know how to start the car when I went to pick it

So the Maint Reqd light is ONLY for the oil change?
Why dont they just say "Oil Change needed" ?

Maint Reqd - sounds like the kill is about to blow up soon.


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