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Maximum roof loading

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Posted by Chas Gill on July 14, 2008, 11:18 pm
Has anyone fitted a roof rack and/or roof box to their Prius.  If so, do you
know what the maximum roof loading is?  I'm off on a long touring holiday on
Friday and will be taking a 470 litre top box, capable of 60 Kilos (about
132 lb) but I don't want to load it above whatever Toyota says is the max.
All specs I've seen for roof bar loads for the Prius say N/A - I presume
this is because the Prius isn't fitted with longitudinal roof bars as
standard - but side-to-side bars are available as an accessory, so I presume
loads can be carried on the roof.  I just can't find any info on the maximum
load.  Help, please!

Posted by Chas Gill on July 16, 2008, 2:31 pm
OK - so I guess no-one does know.

I've made a few further enquiries and I've now seen the Toyota manual w.r.t.
the roof rack (Toyota, that is).  It says 75 Kilos (or 165lbs).  If you fit
a non-Toyota rack this could be less, of course, but I venture to suggest
not more.  Not sure I'd want that much on the roof anyway - could really
upset the dynamics of the car.......


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