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Miami Toyota dealer tacks $,000 onto price of Prius C

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Posted by MummyChunk on March 21, 2012, 7:13 pm
From AB

A Twitter user with the handle miami4me2c discovered something
interesting at a Toyota dealer in Miami and  shared pictures. A
unusual two window sticker.

 The base Prius C starts at just $8,950, and the upgraded Two trim
normally starts at $9,900. With the options that dealer Al
Hendrickson has added to the car, it should cost $0,839, but then
someone at the dealer added a "Market Value Adjustment,"
which comes in at an astonishing $,995. Total cost for the
"cheap" Prius at this particular dealer? $7,834. Does that
sound absurd?!

This is one of the most popular high-efficiency vehicles in the U.S.
right now, selling 1,200 units in the first three days it was on sale,
and Toyota is increasing production to meet demand (both here and in

While the market values this car, do they enough to tack on an
additional 33 percent? Obviously, someone in Florida  thinks so.  You
can get a regular Prius Liftback or Prius V for around that much. We
know that dealers don't have to follow the MSRP. Still, $ 7,000 extra?
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Posted by bwilson4web on March 21, 2012, 9:16 pm
On Mar 21, 2:13pm, mummycul...@gmail-dot-com.no-spam.invalid
(MummyChunk) wrote:

No because they are in the  SouthEast Toyota Region and  I am
convienced the  whole organization from regional to the  dealers sells
Prius as badly as they possibly can. Seriously, I would not be
surprised to find they are also a GM dealer or possibly a
'politically' motivated . . . thief.

Bob Wilson

Posted by Daniel who wants to know on March 22, 2012, 12:05 am
I was going to say this is exactly why you buy from outside the SET region.

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