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Posted by Doug on November 19, 2005, 11:26 pm
Your Prius is normal. Cold temps, windy conditions and stop and go
traffic will decrease MPG and it is very rare to achieve 60 MPG on a
regular basis.

Posted by dbs__usenet on November 20, 2005, 7:42 am


As others have said, the first 5 minutes have the worst milage since the
engine runs constantly to heat the catalyst.

If you were to actualy drive it 60 miles in town without parking, you may
in fact achieve the 60 MPG.  That would be closer to the EPA test cycle.

I lost a cat and spent two to four hours a night cruising through the
neighborhood and calling out the window.  I did get better than 50 MPG
those days.

Oh.   We found the cat too.

Posted by mrv@kluge.net on November 20, 2005, 5:00 pm
Telcom 1 wrote:

Your idea of "in town" driving may not be the same as what the EPA
considers "city" driving.  Same with "highway" driving.  You probably
won't see the EPA ratings unless you drive like the tests.  (Many
people find their highway MPG to be higher than their in-town MPG, for
example.)  Cold weather, heater or AC use, and short trips will all
lower your MPG.

How vehicles are tested:
The test schedules:

Test Schedule Characteristics
Driving Schedule Attributes: Test Schedule City,  Test Schedule Highway

Trip Type: Low speeds in stop-and-go urban traffic,  Free-flow traffic
at highway speeds
Simulated Distance:  11 miles,  10 miles
Time:  31 minutes,  12.5 minutes
Average Speed:  20 mph,  48 mph
Top Speed:  56 mph,  60 mph
Stops:  23,  None
Idling time: 18% of time,  None
Engine Temp. at Startup*:  Cold,  Warm
Lab temperature:  68-86 F, 68-86 F
Vehicle air conditioning: Off, Off

* A vehicle's engine doesn't reach maximum fuel efficiency until it is

Posted by Earle Jones on November 20, 2005, 8:57 pm

Where did you find the "quoted 60 mpg"?

The EPA mileage tests (60/51 in-town/highway) result for the '05
Prius are the results of standardized dynamometer tests that allow
us to compare mileage among several vehicles.

After 15,000 miles in my '05, I average just about exactly 50 mpg.
This represents about 2/3 highway and 1/3 in-town driving.


Posted by kari on December 15, 2005, 7:38 am
 My wife and I just returned from a coast-to-coast round trip across the
southern United States in our 2004 Prius. We drove 5666 miles and averaged
44.1 mpg driving mostly at around 75 mph. Our per/tank MPG varied from a low
of 33.8 mpg crossing (low) mountains between San Diego, CA and western
Arizona with a considerable headwind, to a high of 55.6 mpg in the flatlands
between Talahassee, FL and Livingston, LA (presumably with a tailwind).
Considering the windy weather and the high speeds, I was very pleased with
the mileage.

Before the trip, my wife had talked about trading her Honda in for a second
Prius but she had some reservations about comfort during long trips. She
felt that although she had never been uncomfortable in the car, the seats
felt that they had the potential to be a problem over long periods of
driving/riding. The trip put an end to her reservations and we ended up
ordering a second Prius by phone during our return trip.

Although I definitely knew that the wind was blowing at times, I never felt
that I was in danger of losing control of the car. Other than wind we had
good weather for the trip except for two short rain squalls. In both cases
we had to slow down, not because of any handling problems in the rain, but
because of low visibility. My wife and I both felt that the car handled
well. I enjoyed making good use of the navigation system and learning to use
the voice controls ("Detour", says I,  "Restaurant icons are displayed",
replies the lady behind the dashboard).


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