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Posted by ransley on February 16, 2010, 6:30 pm

 I view oil changes as a "how its used"  issue. One winter down to
-15f my parents drove no more than 5 miles a day, sometimes 2 and the
oil was a wet black at 1500. I drive that car now at least 20 minutes
to 1 hrs at a time and the oil looks better than theirs with 4000 on
it. With short cycles like the camry may have and driver style, I
would still say the earlier the better. A motor need to remain above
170f for the majority of its operation or contaminents never get a
chance to cook off. Below 140f is real hard on oil.  Another example,
moisture and gas collects in oil, we took a friends moms car that was
short city driven on a 2 hr ride, we checked the oil before, after it
was 1 qt low, it was low becase it cooked out 1 qt of water and gas
byproducts it had no leaks, but they never maintained their stuff
anyway. Point is you have to know a oils color and smell to know when
to really change it, the city here would be listed under severe
driving and even toyota lists severe driving oil changes at less
miles. Be safe and check its color and smell.

Posted by Al Falfa on February 16, 2010, 4:12 pm

the 2010 calls for Synthetic 0W20.

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