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Not Too Shabby MPG

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Posted by on December 21, 2006, 1:40 pm

It's been a bit milder here in New England than usual.  If Ol' Man winter is
reading this, it ain't a complaint.  If January, February and March are mild
that would be great.  Two fill-ups worked out to 48 plus and 49 plus some
MPG. For comparison,  52 to 57 MPG are the norm for Summer. Our excursions
have taken us to the higher altitudes of New Hamphire and  mid 20's over
After having a short chat with a long haul truck driver I truely understand
the pain these guys are going through for meeting their deadlines and fuel
cost. He said I wouldn't believe how fast he can go through $00 worth.  I
wondered how feasable it was to haul logs from Vermont to Georgia. I suppose
if they aren't available near the destination, then there's no choice. But
how sincere could his gripe be if he passed me going well above 65 mph?

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