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Opinions on owning the Prius

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Posted by sanpablo on March 8, 2006, 9:23 pm
I've been seriously considering purchasing a Prius. I've read the
posts here about different concerns/problems but I am more interested
in how those of you who own one feel about your vehicle.
Are you happy with it?
Compard to conventional cars, how do you find the Prius? Is it much
different? Any problems in cold or hot climates?
What is your real world fuel economy? I am on Long Island, NY if
climate affects your mileage.
Any other opinions would be appreciated.

Posted by Bill on March 8, 2006, 11:16 pm

I've got two cars, my 2005 Prius and my 1995 Explorer.  I like the fully
adjustable leather seats in the Explorer better than the seats in my Prius.
Since I live in MN there are times I need the Explorer's 4WD, extra ground
clearance, and trailer towing capacity.  So far this winter I've burned
about a tank of gas in the Explorer.  The Prius is a LOT more fun to drive
and seems more stable at highway speeds.  It goes more than three times as
far on a gallon of gas.  The heater/defroster in the Explorer is a bit
better but then it has that gas guzzling V6 to draw heat from and one would
expect it to warm faster.  The Explorer also has AstroStart, a very nice
feature when its -20F.  Would I buy the Prius again?  Yes, definitely, and
not just because it conserves a rapidly depleting resource and doesn't pump
pollutants into the air at nearly the rate other cars do.  My "real world"
overall fuel economy is about 50 mpg summer, 45 mpg winter but I do have a
self-imposed 55 mph speed limit driving either vehicle.  From my experience,
I'd say if you have a daily 5 mile, one-way commute you will be lucky to
average 40.  If you have a a daily 30 mile one-way commute, and if you
behave yourself, you will probably do better than I do.

Posted by kari on March 9, 2006, 2:58 am
 We bought a 2004 Prius in December of 2003. We have about 39,000 miles on it
including a coast to coast trip.  My wife and I both find the car
comfortable although the ride is a bit stiff. Most of our driving has been
in Southern California but have driven the car at temperatures ranging from
the mid 20's to the low 100's. Hot or cold it was fine although the mileage
dropped off a little in the cold. My average fuel consumption is about 46
mpg. I generally stay with the flow of traffic and do most of my driving on
the freeways. I drove the Prius for the first two years that we had it. I
think that my wife was a bit intimidated by the technology and only drove it
twice (around the block) in that period. She finally drove it for a
significant distance when we made the cross country road trip last November.
She got over her reluctance to drive it during the trip. When we got home
she decided that she liked it so much that we bought a second Prius for her
this January.


Posted by richard schumacher on March 9, 2006, 4:48 am
 It's the most satisfying car I've ever driven, much less owned.

A million more words from Prius owners can be found at

Posted by parrotjack on March 9, 2006, 4:55 pm
 I have about 20,000 miles on a 2004 Prius. I live in Fargo ND and have
driven it 2 winters (and year-round). I love the car. The mileage is
about 45 mpg in the summer but is only 28 or so in the winter. But
winter driving is only for a mile or 2 at a time. If I drive on the
highway in the winter the milage is about 40 mpg. There are 2 points
that I don't see mentioned: 1) Driving on an expressway around cities
where you're tucked-in behind other vehicles significantly increases
the mileage - maybe 2-4 mpg. (and here in Fargo I don't have that
advantage mileage-wise) 2) In the city, acceleration from a stoplight
is great - I can pull away from most cars if I choose. I know 0-60 mph
is about 10 seconds (nothing great), but, somehow the absence of a lag
from the get-go - or maybe the 0-40 time is unusually good? Anyway it
goes like a rabbit when I wish. I think another thing that is
under-discussed is how much fun it is to drive. The visibility forward
is good - the absence of any shift-points (because of the continuously
variable transmission) provides an unusually smooth acceleration. I'd
buy another in a second if something happend to the one I have. My wife
feels the same as I. Go for it!

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