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Picture and Video Nissan LEAF Electric Car Leaked

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Posted by jolly on March 23, 2010, 10:02 am

Picture and Video Nissan LEAF Electric Car Revealed

Posted by Neo on March 28, 2010, 11:55 pm

The Nissan Leaf has maximum range is 100 miles if it is driven
gently under the best conditions and will probably have a much
shorter range if driven faster and in less ideal conditions.

Posted by Neo on March 30, 2010, 7:42 am

Nissan announced today that the first Leafs will be
delivered in Japan on April 1st and that dealers will
be taking order at  3.76 million yen (40,000 USD) each.
The Japan Tax Break for BEV is .77 million yen and
effective dropes the price to 2.99 million yen. Nissan
is scheduled to announce the USA delivery date and
prices for the Leaf next Tuesday - April 6th 2010.

Posted by Neo on March 30, 2010, 10:37 pm

The Math
the Nissan Leaf   MRSP           will sell for 32,500 USD
The Nissan Leaf recharger MRSP  sells for  2,500 USD
Nissan Leaf will only be available as an order from the dealer.
so the total cost for the
       Nissan Leaf +recharger MRSP will be 35,000 USD

Initially there is a 7,500 federal tax credit for the car and
                      a 1,250 federal tax credit for the recharger
with a total  of     8,750 federal tax credit for the car+recharger

If you are able to utilize the full tax credit the effective cost
     of the Nissan Leaf and its recharger will equal   26,250 USD

The maximum theoretical range of the Nissan Leaf is about 100 miles
per full recharge.
IIRC a full recharge for the Nissan Leaf is about 24Kwh
The Nissan Leaf at its best gets about 4.17 miles/Kwh
In the DC area  it cost about 15 cents/kwh
The energy cost per mile  4.17miles/15cents
A gallon of regular gas (87 octane)  cost about 2.80 USD
which would be the equivalent of 77.8 mpg on a conventional gasoline
powered car.
IIRC the Nissan Li-ion battery is only warranted for six years.

Spreadsheet exercise
Note that Washington DC electricity prices will likely increase to
about 18 cent/Kwh this year
and gasoline prices are likely to rise to atleast 3 dollars/gallon
this summer.

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