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Popular Mechanics do extended test drives of a Chevy Volt

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Posted by Neo on November 9, 2010, 2:30 am
Popular Mechanics Magazine tes drove
a Chevy Volt in the state of Michigan.
Road conditions involve city and  state highway,
(where the average speed is 78 mph).


900 Miles Reliablity Report in the Chevy Volt
Larry Webster. Popular Mechanics. Oct 10, 2010

Determining  the Range on the Chevy Volt
Larry Webster. Popular Mechanics. Oct 10 2010

The Chevy Volt's all-electric ranges is from 31 miles to 35 miles.
The Chevy Volt's gasoline charge sustain mode range = 300 miles (using
about 9 gallons of gas)
Total estimated range = 335  miles

Charge Sustain Mode (gasoline engine turns on)
   City MPG = 31.67 mpg
Highway MPG = 36.0  mpg


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