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Posted by mrv@kluge.net on February 22, 2006, 5:39 pm
I'm assuming that you have a 2006 Prius, and are in the US.

MSRP of the Toyota Prepaid maintenance plan, every 5,000 miles out to 4
years/55,000 miles:
Classic (oil changes and Toyota Roadside Assistance): $40
Premium (Classic plan plus tire rotations, and major maintenance at the
15k, 30k, 45k intervals): $95 (includes 3 major services)

Note that the MSRP can be haggled upon.

Also be sure that whatever prepaid plan your dealer offers is good at
other Toyota dealers, and not just at that location or dealer chain.

In the US, the 2004-2006 Prius has a 5,000 mile/6 month service
interval, which is an oil change AND a tire rotation.  30,000 miles is
a much bigger service.  2006 Prius no longer comes with the
complementary Toyota Roadside Assistance plan.

Depending on where you live (dealer labor rates and going rates for set
services), and how good you are at remembering to bring your car in
(the prepaid maintenance plan sends you reminder coupons), and
especially if you can haggle a good deal on the Prepaid Maintenance, it
may or may not be worth it to you.

Best bet is to call the service departments of several local
dealerships, and ask what their going rate is on the Prius service
intervals (be sure to ask for the "major" 15k intervals, too), and add
those up.  Also call the finance departments of those same dealerships
and ask what the pricing is for the Toyota Prepaid Maintenance plan.
For some people, the plan can be much cheaper than paying as you go,
but for some others (depends on where you are) it is better to pay as
you go...

If your dealer has forgotten to give you the Prius-specific Passport to
Performance (scheduled maintenance guide), you can download it from:
and see exactly what the services include.

Posted by beernuts on February 22, 2006, 6:26 pm
nospam wrote:

One other thing, my Toyota dealership does maintenance according to a
general maintenance plan that applies to multiple vehicles, including
trucks.  Imagine that, a Prius and a Gosh Damn truck lumped together -
bottom line, the "Cleaned the injectors" as 10K and charged me a couple
Benjamins for the service, which I never asked for nor needed (by the
estimates of anyone familiar with the Prius at 10K mileage).  I
complained and they ended up knocking about 75 bucks off the price and
said *I* was partly to blame for not telling them that I didn't want it.

My experience with most dealerships is that NONE can be trusted, at all.

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