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Prius Clubs?

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Posted by Geno on October 30, 2005, 1:35 pm
Hi I purchased a 2005 Prius, love the car.  Personally I am getting around
50 mpg, driving 80 on the freeway and being the first one off the light.  I
have a lead foot.  I was surprised at the power and speed I got out of my
Prius.  Driving to Colorado Springs from Las Vegas, the biggest hill before
the Eisenhower Tunnel my speed droped to 55.  Passing a lot of mini vans
and other cars crawling up the hill at 35.  BTW Round trip Las Vegas to
Colorado Springs around 1750 miles, on 100 dollars worth of fuel.  And, I
do much better in the city.  

Well to the meat of the matter... Anyone in Las Vegas with a Prius
interested in forming a club?  


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