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Posted by Bob & Holly Wilson on October 3, 2007, 1:34 pm

I think you meant to say, "the gauge won't reset but will continue to
flash." In my gasoline studies, I've run out over two dozen times and
used a 1 gallon spare can to put enough fuel in to reach a gas station.

I've also found the variable bladder problem seems to have disappeared
after running the tank down:

I have no explanation, just how my vehicle has behaved.

Bob Wilson

Posted by G-Man on October 3, 2007, 4:41 pm

"Bob & Holly Wilson" I've run out over two dozen times

How does one do that over and over again?

I've run out of fuel one time in my life and I'm 50.


Posted by Bob & Holly Wilson on October 5, 2007, 12:56 am

I've been running some gasoline energy studies and running the tank
'dry' lets me change brands with a minimum amount of dilution from the
earlier brand. It is deliberate and some of the results:


I've never run out of gas by accident. Just ask my wife.

Bob Wilson

Posted by G-Man on October 5, 2007, 11:19 am

Thanks Bob, I feel better now.  Thinking your were running out on the
highway over two dozen times made me want to get you an appointment at the
clinic :-)


Posted by David Kelly on October 4, 2007, 2:32 am

richard schumacher wrote:

Bladder, this, bladder, that, bah humbug. I have only seen one model of
car in my life that had anything close to an accurate fuel gauge: mid
70's Oldsmobile Cutlass.

*I* ran out of gas in my 2007 because several times previously I had
driven 30 to 70 miles on the flashing last bar. Then in spite of my best
effort was only able to put less than 10 gallons in an 11.9 gallon tank.
Convinced me the indicator was a guess gauge, not a gas gauge.

So I was out driving in the middle of nowhere (Arkansas) thinking the
idiot light should be flashing the past 50 miles. Then it finally did.
And just over a mile later the engine was dead. Batteries got me another
mile or two down the road where fortunately I found the first open gas
station in the past 20 miles. Car restarted as if nothing had happened.

This is when I realized it wasn't a guess gauge but a fool gauge as it
made a fool of me.

As for "the bladder issue", I don't have any problem. When I fill my
tank the calculated MPG is 0 to 4 MPG less than the indicated cumulative
MPG since I reset it at the previous fill. I'm filling pretty darn

Oh, and when it ran out? 11.3 gallons after the nozzle kicked off and
was repositioned several times.

Suggest that you start paying close attention to how many miles after
topping off the tank before the first bar dims. This seems to provide an
accurate indication as to exactly how full the tank was filled. Mine is
pretty consistent at 120 to 140 miles. Except the time it ran out, the
first bar didn't fall until 230 miles. Which demonstrates what happened
to me when I got fooled. Apparently the gauge falls very slowly, slower
even than the Prius drinks fuel. When it takes several days to burn 2.5
gallons it behaves one way. When driven continuously it falls slow
enough that 4.5 gallons are gone before the first bar dims.

I drove over 400 miles the day I ran out of gas. Couple hundred before,
couple hundred after. Appears when driven continuously the gauge can get
a couple of gallons behind.

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