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Posted by John DeGrazia on October 17, 2004, 8:19 pm
Hello Everyone!

I recently went to my local Toyota dealsership to look at one of the 05
models. Unfortunately, I am not convinced that they want my business. I have
talked with them on the phone numerous time gaining a commitment out of them
that they would call me, to return my call with information. That never
happened, they never called.

In fact, when I went in, and talked with a sales rep. he told me that the
05's are "usually" priced 2 - 3 thousand over MSRP. he said that there is a
18 month waiting list. And that he would put my name on a list. (which I

Today, I was on a www site that found the msrp and implies that they can
procure one for a bargain www.carsdirect.com. This is a cool site that
provides you with a note to send to the dealers that tell them that since
you can buy a car from carsdirect, you are prepaired to negotiate with them
to purchase it locally.

Anyway. I used the letter and I got a nearly immediate response from one
dealer that told me that the prius models are in very short supply, that
they are generally priced above MSRP, local dealerships have requested
additional stock, the wait was 9 - 12 months. yadda yadda yadda.
I am getting discouraged. I my actuallly contact other local dealerships.
But I am afraid that I am stuck on the wrong side of the supply/demand
ratio. I am considering travellign to Orange County, LA, or even Arizona.

Does anyone have any feedback that could incorage me? I get the impression
that others here have not had to wait 9-12 months to take delivery.


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