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Prius going where gassers can't follow

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Posted by bwilson4web on May 25, 2011, 6:22 am
Tuesday afternoon, I was driving 33 mph down an access road when the
engine ran out of gas. So flipped out my cell phone and made a quick
movie as I kept my speed up in traffic. I drove another quarter of
mile, beyond the closed National Guard parking lot. Then at the
Mexican restaurant, I climbed up the entrance and over to a shaded
place to add my spare gallon.

I then drove about 10 miles to my regular gas station and found the
price per gallon was nearly $.15/gallon cheaper than the last time I
filled up. I was burning off the last of some marginal gas bought
three weeks ago during the tornado disaster.

If you are driving a ZVW30 (2010-current) Prius to empty the gas tank,
flip to the energy display and monitor the energy arrows. When the
energy arrows go away, the gas engine is finally out and depending
upon traction battery charge, you have about a mile or so to find a
safe place to park. Going slower and turning off as many electrical
loads like air conditioning or heater fans can stretch the distance.

A Prius out of gas goes where no out of gas, gasser can follow . . .
down the road and up grades to a safe place to park.

Bob Wilson

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