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Prius upgrades for the next generation

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Posted by Neo on May 19, 2010, 10:06 am

Possible Upgrades for the Prius

have a plug-in option
increase electric motor power 2x (use lighter rare earth permanent
increase traction battery power capacity 2x (use li-ion polymer )
increase ICE power output efficiency by 33% (VTEC + variable cylinder)
increase approximate range of Prius from 600miles to 900miles by
   increasing the overall fuel efficiency from 50mpg to 90mpg
   (decreasing the fuel tank size and weight at the same time).
An ICE RPM gauge and Electric Motor RPM gauge showing how
   hard each is working at a particular speed/acceleration rate.

Lowering the center of mass/gravity of the Prius by 1 inch OR widening
    the overall wheel axle by 2 inches while keeping the the current
    ground clearance and frontal surface the same
   --- to improve the Prius' road handling behavior.

Make the the bumpers, side door panels and side fenders out of high
   dent resistance carbon fiber. Bolt the carbon fiber onto a unibody
   honeycombed steel frame to make increase rigidity, lower weight,
   and increase overally tensile strength.

Make a MPV/Station wagon version of the Prius with
   SUV like cargo space and the max passenger/cargo weight capacity

When driving in reverse - there should be an option for a backup
   beeper to be heard outside the car (to alert the outside)

switch from optical disk to solid state harddrive based navigation
    the navigation unit should allow for user expandable customizable
    and customizable voice via flash drive and UsB 2/3 port.

integrate the backup camera screen in the rear view mirror

put ev/eco/power buttons on top of the steering column
Make steering column horn button wider and bigger at the bottom.
Tuck the transmission stick/control closer to the steering wheel
    back on the dashboard about 4 o'clock of the steering column

increase the UV and tinting for the side and rear windows(25% -> 40%
  this will reduce the A/C workload and increase fuel efficiency
Used electric Peltier heatpump to assist/replace air conditioner
    when operating during all-electric mode/solar panel mode (see
Aptera 2e).
Make adding a roof solar panel an easy upgrade for all prius
   (ie. make it an dealer/aftermarket installed option)
The roof solar panel should help keep the traction battery fully
    while the Prius is not driven for a long time (e.g. 3 months).
The rear seats should have their own air vents (to heat/cool the

The dashboard/driver area should have a explicitly designated
   safe areas (which will not obstruct airbag deployment)
   to place aftermarket GPS units/transmitter/radar detectors.
Put a lip or bottom tray of the the top glove compartment so things
won't slide out
The cabin air filter should be easily replace by sliding in/out
  once the bottom glove compartment is open.

An LED should light up the inside the top glove compartment when open.
An LED should light up the inside the bottom glove compartment when
An LED should light up the inside the center console when open
An LED should light up the power window controls on the driver's door
Raise  the mirror controls up 3 inches, light it up with an LED

Two fused 110VAC outlet one for the front and one for the rear
Add more strap/tie-down D-latch/rings in the rear cargo bay.

Posted by Daniel who wants to know on May 20, 2010, 5:01 am

They are already NIB

LI-POs degrade over time not # of cycles.  Lithium iron phosphate maybe,
NI-MH is fine.  Also would require much more than 2x for PHEV.

IOW make it hit the Carnot limit... good luck there.  Besides it already has
VVTi, is Atkinson/Miller cycle, and has a variable compression ratio with a
13:1 expansion ratio.  VTEC is a Honda thing.

This would be nice but remember there are 2 MGs and MG2 is hooked directly
to the wheels via the final drive so its RPM is directly related to MPH

People complain it is too expensive now and you want to up the cost?

A hybrid Sienna would be awesome but until they port the Estima hybrid to
the US market it won't happen.

So wire in a pulsed Sonalert to the reverse/backup lights.

This would help.

I like the MFD of the NHW20 as-is

Reach around the wheel? would unclutter the console though.

IOW move it back to where it was on the NHW20 before they FUBARed the
interior when they made the ZVW30

Peltiers are very inneficient compared to the current PM rotor electric
scroll compressor system.

Would help but one of the safety features is that the HV batt is totally
disconnected via the SMRs when the car is not in READY mode.

There is a vent under the passenger seat but a pair in the B pillars would

Would help.

No more often than it gets replaced I think having to empty out the lower
glove box is a good thing, gives you a reason to tidy it up and/or find long
lost things such as loose change.

All good, I will add: make every light on the car an LED

And make them have a rating higher than the piddily 150 watts common with OE
integrated inverters.  You can pull several KW from the HV ala

No experience.

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