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Programming HomeLink system

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Posted by DougSlug on May 4, 2008, 9:46 pm
I'm trying to program a 2008 Sienna HomeLink button using an original
security gate remote (with fresh battery).  This system appears to be
identical to the Prius system.  I have succcessfully programmed this very
same remote into my '06 Prius and '04 Sienna, but no dice on the '08 Sienna.
I am following the instructions in the manual, but it never transitions into
the rapid flashing mode indicating a successful program.  The dots below the
little house icon just turn off after about a minute of slow flashing while
operating the original remote.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions?  The fact that I've programmed with
this remote twice before, and I was able to program two other garage openers
in the '08 Sienna without problems makes me wonder if something has changed
in the HomeLink system in the '08 Sienna for whatever type of remote this


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