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Posted by Neil on September 13, 2007, 11:56 am

I've a top-of-the-range new Prius in the UK (well new last October, and
built I recall in June 2006).

It's a company owned car, and my choice is now fixed for another 35 months.
To be honest I alternate between liking it and loathing it.    My fault, but
an error in my choice of car was not realising it was not towbar capable,
and I now have to get a spare car for when I need to do that.     Anyway, to
help me like it better, any comments on the following would be useful....

1)   What is it that sets the door mirror angle's permanently?  I adjust
them as I need them, then on my next trip, they're back where they started.
Are these settings auto-saved anywhere?     I've tried saving User1 current
settings, but to no joy.

2)  Same question re the air-con and the "recirculate" switch.    It keeps
returning to the recirculate on, when I want it off.

3)   What settings actually does User1 save for me?   Is it just
Satnav/Computer preferences, or something more fundamental?

4)   Is there any proven way on newish Prius's of (software) disabling the
internal car beeper when reversing?    I know when I'm reversing, the things
in my front windshield get smaller!

5)  Is there any proven way of (software) disabling the SatNav
anti-litigation warning, and making more features work when one is driving?
These limitations drive me mad.     Didn't used to be an issue in my last

6)  If I get in the car, and press the power-on switch without my foot on
the brake, then want to move, is there any way to get to "ready" without
powering off and restarting?


Posted by mrv@kluge.net on September 13, 2007, 6:42 pm

You may get better responses in the UK-specific group:
(as there are some differences in the Prius across different

Regarding your T-Spirit UK Prius.

On the US Prius, the mirrors stay where you last left them.  Any
chance that you're accidentially hitting their button as you are
getting in/out of the vehicle?  (On the US Prius, if you return the
left/right side mirror button to the center, the up/down/left/right
mirror adjustment buttons no longer work.)

I'll also note that on my US Classic Prius, on some days I'd have to
adjust my rear-view mirror in one direction (up/down) in the morning,
and then the opposide direction in the evening.  It was the difference
in my sitting posture between first thing in the morning (typically
taller because of a night's rest laying down) and at the end of the
day (typically shorter because of compression over the day, and more
slouching out of habit).

are you using the auto button to turn the climate control on, or are
you manually going to the climate screen to turn the climate control
on?  I think it should remember your last settings, but the Auto
button will override it by computer controlled choice of where to get
the air from.

I believe that the User1/2 is just the screen color preferences, and
navigation/bluetooth settings.  I'm not sure if that includes radio
presets or not, or climate control settings or not.

The reverse beep is only heard INSIDE of the car, telling you that you
are in reverse gear.  This was introduced on the NHW20 Prius (2003
introduction in the UK).  All Prius note that the car is in reverse by
putting a square box around the R gear on the PRNDB display.  (I know
that this box also blinks when in reverse on the NHW11, but I don't
know about the imported Japanese NHW10 Prius occasionally found in the

There is a procedure to disable the reverse beep, if your Prius was
for the North American market.  The procedure does not work on Prius
outside of North America (such as for the UK, Europe, Australia, New
Zealand, etc.)

I believe I saw on the Prius-Europe list that someone identified a
wire that could be cut that would disable the reverse beep, but no one
as of yet has been brave enough to cut it.  I think it also disables
some of the other beeps as well.

There was a software button push sequence that you could use on the
(US model year 2004-2005) old style NHW20 Prius, but that button
sequence is no longer valid for the newer design (US model year 2006-
current) NHW20 Prius.  Are the buttons on your NHW20's screen
rectangular (old style), or are they more ovoid (new style)?

If you were in the US I'd suggest getting a CoastalETech Lockpick
device, but they do not ship overseas.

I *think* that you could just put your foot on the brake, and press
the Power button again and you might go to READY.  But the car will
still "reboot" and you would lose your radio program for a moment.  I
don't recall the sequence between ACC/IG-ON/READY at the moment.

Posted by bob on September 20, 2007, 1:53 am

can you post the procedure for removing the reverse beep for North American



Posted by mrv@kluge.net on September 21, 2007, 2:45 pm

It may take you a few tries to get the timing pattern correct.  The
info is out of the repair manual.


note that the similar seatbelt beep disable procedure works on any
NHW20, and not just the North American NHW20 like the above reverse
beep disable procedure.

Posted by Andy Maynard on September 15, 2007, 10:32 am


I can answer one of your questions.

The air-con will automatically switch to recirculate in the right
circumstances by design.  It will switch back eventually.  I can't remember
where I read this, it may be in the drivers handbook.  It is something to do
with cooling the car down quickly while relieving the stress on the engine.
My car when set to A/C Auto, works this way.

I also have the door mirror problem and am everlasting adjusting them.

As for Sat Nav, I have just written a letter to Toyota, it is simply bad by
design.  I cannot set it to find my house, due to its design weakness of not
allowing full postcode entry.

Andrew Maynard

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