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Serpentine belt on Prius classic?

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Posted by PriusGeek on October 22, 2007, 2:22 pm

Hi.  Can anyone tell me if the 2002 / Gen1 Prius has a serpentine belt
on the engine? I'd normally just go out and look myself, but I'm in
Texas and the car is with my daughter in upstate NY, so its a bit
tough to open the hood from here.  ;-)  My daughter has not done much
in the way of servicing the car (college student, do I need to say
more?) and my wife has got in in her head that the serpentine belt
needs to be replaced.  The car does have about 110K miles on it, and
has never had any problems since the day I bought it new.  Other than
oil changes, I've had servicing done by Toyota, and I can't remember
them ever changing a belt or for that matter, that it even has one. My
wife called a local Toyota dealer and they told her it needed to be
changed at 60K miles or we "could do some damage", but I have to say
that unless you speak to a Prius tech, they almost always assume its
just like every other Toyota, and it obviously is not.


Posted by Bob & Holly Wilson on October 24, 2007, 1:39 am

Firestone reported "cracks" so I carry a spare. So far, no problem and I
haven't heard of any failures, yet. However, wives often have a
different set of values on such things.

The holidays are coming soon. Get the belt, show the wife and let the
daughter know she and the car are expected for Thanksgiving. <grins>

There is a practice of replacing all rubber parts after a given time
period, 8-10 years. In particular, the radiator and heater hoses but
that might also include the belt.

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