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Skeptics: Chevy Cruz Eco is the new Jetta TDI

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Posted by bwilson4web on May 8, 2011, 5:42 pm

Recently GM announced a big sales jump of the Chevy Cruz Eco. Earlier,
I was impressed with the Cruz use of automatic vanes to block excess
air into the engine compartment. So I went back to check and found it
is a Jetta TDI equivalent. Comparing manual transmission versions of
the two cars:

Jetta TDI - Cruz
30/42 - 28/42 :: MPG City/Hwy
34 - 33 :: MPG combined
94 - 94 :: Passenger ft
16 - 16 :: Cargo ft

Someone else pointed out the Honda Elantra is in the same class:

29/40 :: MPG City/Hwy
33 :: MPG combined
96 :: Passenger ft
15 :: Cargo ft

Best of all, these two gassers use fuel that is running 10% cheaper
than diesel and is more universally available. But of course, neither
is a Prius and can come close to:

51/48 :: MPG City/Hwy
50 :: MPG combined
94 :: Passenger ft
22 :: Cargo ft

With the Prius, we still get more space and pay less for fuel. The
Prius can work as an efficient, emergency generator without the
problems of carbon monoxide, noise, small tank, additional
maintenance, and storage when there is no emergency. These are things
the Cruz and Elantra will never achieve, not even close. Then there is
the question of quiet which the diesel Jetta commercials emphasized
that they are so much louder. Yes indeed, we have two Jetta equivalent
gassers and that is a good thing.

Bob Wilson

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