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Posted by Bob Wilson on July 22, 2006, 3:57 am

A town this small makes it difficult to get the Prius up to operating
temperature. However, I'm working on a block-heater and transaxle-heater
that might work out. Let me get it tested more and we'll let you know.

Really, a town this small needs an electric vehicle or more EV
capability than a standard Prius.

It works well if you can keep the speed to 65 mph. If not, is there a
two-lane road you can use to keep the speed down?

Works great.

Your pocket book first from the fuel savings. You will also be reducing
your carbon 'foot-print'. Then if you put in a 1 kW inverter, you'll
have an excellent, emergency power generator that gets 50+ MPG.

Bob Wilson

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