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"Squoot" noise when pushing on brake pedal

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Posted by Chris Shearer Cooper on August 7, 2006, 1:17 am

We took a trip with our Prius and while away from home, I discovered that
every time I pushed on the brake pedal, the car reacted normally but made a
small (but noticeable) "squoot" noise that I believe was coming from under
the hood.  The noise stopped as soon as we returned home - and on a
subsequent trip the noise has not returned.

Anybody else heard this?


Posted by NeoPhyte_Rep on August 7, 2006, 1:34 pm

Chris Shearer Cooper wrote:

I had a rubber boot that covers the hole in the firewall come loose from
  the brake pedal shaft that penetrates the firewall and it made some
type of noise.  Once the mechanic set the boot back into the groove in
the shaft meant to hold the boot steady relative to the shaft the noise
went away.  The speculation was that one night outside in subfreezing
weather made the boot resistant to movement the next morning and the
boot popped out of the groove.  I haven't exposed the car to such
weather since and haven't had the problem again.

Posted by rworthley on August 7, 2006, 11:24 pm

Chris Shearer Cooper wrote:

Chris:  Just returned from Mammoth Lakes.  Left Ventura at close to sea
level, arrived at cabin at 9,000 ft elevation ... averaging 46.5 mpg
with wife, luggage and inflatable kayak.  Got 50.5 mpg on return trip.
Anyway, had same noise as you describe while in mountains. The noise
occurred at exact point of electrical actuation while depressing pedal
- point where brake lights come on.  Noise came from front right side
of engine compartment.  The noise disappeared after we left Mammoth
and has not returned.  Also had screeching from radiator transfer pump
(where hot water transfers to thermos at time of shutdown) on two
occasions.  That sound also disappeared by time we are were down to
4,000 ft elevation where we stopped for lunch.  Neither noise has
returned.  I called dealer today.  They referred me to Toyota
engineering in Torrance.  They quickly logged a case number and
promised to get back to me within three days.  If you want me to let
you know their response, let me know you email address.  By the way,
what did your dealer say? ... Bob rworthley@adelphia.net

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