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The price of a 2005 Prius? HELP Please!!

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Posted by MK on November 15, 2004, 2:22 pm
  would somebody help me? My dealer quoted a price of 28.5k (package
#6) but when i checked out on carsdirect.com for the car in my area
the following are quotes from them

   MSRP: $6,666
Invoice: $4,571
 Target: $7,166

  I have never bought a new car before... how do I go about
bargaining? what of the above numbers should I be looking to get the
prius for? What is the range of recent purchases people have done? I
have to make a decision today!! so help please ASAP.

Any and all help is apreciated.
Thank you,

Posted by nobody on November 15, 2004, 4:13 pm
On 15 Nov 2004 06:22:17 -0800, pmk2426@yahoo.com (MK) wrote:

Go to http://www.edmunds.com/  and research the car. Check their "TMV"
(True Market Value) for your area as specified by your zip code.
Another reference is the Kelley Blue Book at http://www.kbb.com/

Good luck...

Posted by richard schumacher on November 15, 2004, 4:19 pm
  pmk2426@yahoo.com (MK) wrote:

One rarely has to make a decision "today" about buying a car.  It's a
common pressure tactic.  But for a Prius I can believe that if you turn
it down he has another customer waiting to take it, so it may be too
late to help you with this purchase.

Instead you should prepare yourself for the next opportunity.  Start by
reading Consumer Reports' advice on how to buy a car, available from
most libraries or at

(If you can't untangle that, start from http://www.consumerreports.org/  
and click on "Autos".)

Almost all of the work of buying a car can be done with a phone and a
fax machine.  Call a bunch of dealers with a description of what you
want, have them fax you their terms and price, then call the others with
the best price and see whether any of them can beat it.  Make them bid
for your business.  This is easier and more effective than sitting for
hours in a sales office while some salesman "clears it with his manager".

You might also buy the Consumer Reports report on the true dealer's cost
of a new Prius, but the Prius is rather a special case; demand is so
strong that most dealers are getting MSRP and more for it, so that
report is less useful than for most other cars.

A further benefit of waiting is that you have more time to save cash
toward the price.  It's usually not cost effective to borrow money to
buy a new car.

Posted by Bill on November 15, 2004, 7:57 pm

Mine with package 6 is priced at 26,239.00.  It should arrive in late
December or January.

Posted by Mike Rosenberg on November 15, 2004, 11:09 pm

Because of the waiting lists, there's no haggling on a Prius.  You
either buy it for the price the dealer tells you or go to another

Mike Rosenberg
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