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Posted by der on July 30, 2004, 1:31 am
ROTFL.  I have to wonder about the incredible amount of time people
spend trying to convince someone about how bad their choice is.  If
you want to attack someone (or their choice of whatever) go over to
one of the Mac sites.  They are a little more vociferous in their
response however.  I believe this group was created to allow prius
owners to exchange ideas and answer questions.  I don't see a
alt.autos.toyota.prius.superiority or even an
alt.autos.toyota.prius.advocacy where this stuff fits.  Many of us
purchased or are purchasing a prius for fairly wide number of choices
- not just TCO.  My own reasons are both professional and personal.
But I would rather see FAQs or How-do-I.... than all of this drivel.

Posted by oli on July 31, 2004, 3:28 am

Woah they must be precogs.  Not even the Consumers Report
statisticians will be nervy enough to touch expected repairs on a new
model year car.  These people should also sit down and READ some of
the white papers and symposium papers presented by the Toyota
engineers on the various aspects of this car.  They would understand
some of the ramifications of what type of car this really is.  For
instance I wonder if the owners of this car realize with regenerative
braking, their friction brakes may last the life of this car?  Or that
oil lubrication is flowing BEFORE the engine on this car starts.  I've
followed this car's developments through all the presentations and
typical of Toyota engineering, nothing is left to chance.  I'll bet
the Toyota owners didn't even know this thing had an overdrive.  How
it works was an absolutely brilliant stroke of genius.

Posted by service on September 29, 2012, 10:05 am
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Posted by dbs__usenet on February 3, 2005, 7:37 am
How can that be in any way accurate?  

1) Some of these cars have not been made for the full 5 years, so the
resale, repairs, etc are just guesses.  No one has ever sold a 2003 car
after 5 years, for instance.

2) The insurance will vary greatly based on driver, location, insurance
company, class of car, etc.

3) The fuel impact will vary greatly depending on how, where and when
you drive.  A 2 mile a week housewife in Nebraska will have drastically
different results than a 70 mile a day commuter near San Francisco.

BTW, this is the Edmunds web site  that includes an extended warranty as
one of the cost to own, right?  It's also the one that figured hundreds
per year for service on the 2001 - 2003 Prius despite the fact that it
(service) was provided by the dealer free of charge.

The basic idea is good, but somewhat flawed.  Someone else pointed out
that the lowest cost of ownership comes from buying a trashed 20 year
old Ford for $00 and drive it till it's dead, then selling it to the
junkyard for scrap.

I actually did the same math as article, but used it to determine the
best time to trade my Prius in for a new one.  Optimal time appears to
be about 3.5 years.  Fairly low depreciation and no out of pocket for
maintenance or repairs.


Posted by David Hooey on September 1, 2004, 4:06 pm
 Since the 'Cost of Ownership' described here is actually an estimate of the
operating cost, I reworked the data a little include depreciation in the
Total Cost of Ownership.

      MAKE, MODEL Purchase Cost to Fuel Deprec- Total Cost
      own*    costs iation of Owners'p
      Honda Civic 12,988 15,271 3,746 6,595 21,866
      Toyota ECHO           12,671 15,410 3,849 7,902 23,312
      Scion xA             13,603 15,949 4,412 7,899 23,848
      Toyota Corolla        13,669 16,099 4,156 8,196 24,295
      Volkswagen New Beetle  17,758 15,608 3,112 9,383 24,991
      Scion xB             14,773 16,578 4,810 8,724 25,302
      Volkswagen Golf        17,305 15,996 3,112 9,397 25,393
      Toyota Matrix         15,550 16,916 4,608 8,499 25,415
      Volkswagen Jetta       18,563 15,941 3,112 10,127 26,068
      Honda Civic Hybrid     19,651 15,544 3,122 10,741 26,285
      Toyota Prius 21,460 15,181 2,896 11,781 26,962
      Honda Insight        20,240 15,633 2,406 11,635 27,268
      Dodge Neon           14,222 16,763 4,995 10,937 27,700
      Toyota Celica 19,692 17,988 4,995 10,475 28,463
      Pontiac Vibe           18,408 17,992 4,608 12,027 30,019

Consistent with other postings and TCoO analysis, the Honda Civic comes out
on top.

BTW, msn.com autos has some useful information on TCoO.


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