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Posted by Richard Warren on September 12, 2007, 2:11 am

Thanks.  Since I have the Goodyears, that's very useful info.  Won't be
buying those again.

Posted by stratus46 on September 22, 2007, 4:01 am

 > >> > What is the expected life of the original equipment tires on a
 > >> > Prius?
 > >> Thanks for all your responses.  I've gone about 20,000 miles and
it looks
 > >> like I'll be lucky to get another 5000 miles out of my tires.
 > > My experience isn't a lot different, Richard.
 > > I replaced the original Goodyears at 30k (with identical
 > > and questioned that at the time but didn't get overly excited
 > > it.
 > > At my 60,000 mile service the service writer came to the waiting
 > > and told me that my tires needed replacement right away!
 > > I wasn't as calm this time and asked to talk to the Prius tech.
 > > nice young man came out and I asked him what was going on with
 > > tires. He told me that this was a common problem with the
 > > and he'd suggest that I put on a new set of Goodrich tires.
 > > to him the Goodrich are a bit harder rubber and they will last
 > > I said something to the effect that I sure as h##l hoped so.
 > > I'm now at around 80,000 miles and the Goodrich tires appear
 > > new". Oh yes, I always over inflate (trying to play that gas
 > > improvement game) and I check pressure frequently. I have also
had the
 > > car aligned twice since it was new - once conventional and once
 > > digital. The consumer can't do much more than that.
 > > The conclusion that I'm operating under is that the original
 > > Goodyears are too soft. As for me, I'm not buying anymore of
 > > CamMan
 > > N.W. Iowa
 > > 2004 Prius
 > > 1955 Studebaker
 > > Love them both!
 > Thanks.  Since I have the Goodyears, that's very useful info.
 Won't be
 > buying those again.

2006 with 18500 miles and the Goodyears look new, no overinflation.
The replacement tires will be Michelin MXV4 +

Lifetime MPG 51.97, 16 consecutive 500+ mile tanks, 18 total.



Posted by pakman on September 9, 2007, 3:19 pm
 I have a 2005 Prius that I bought with about 23,000 miles on it through
Craig's List.
The original owner had never rotated the tires, and I found them
underinflated a number of times.

I had them properly inflated (actually, slightly over, as recommended) and
rotated every 5000 miles
or so, and bought 4 winter tires and rims, which I used for the first time
last year.

The car now has 41,000+ miles on it, and I see the front tires have
distinctive outer-edge wear.

I will probably have to buy 4-new tires before winter, but hope I can hold
out until springtime.

Prices are high around here (New Hampshire / MA border) for tires, so
haven't decided
on the tire brand yet (leaning towards Goodyear ComfortTred) or dealer.


I'm shopping

Posted by B. Peg on September 9, 2007, 5:36 pm
I took the orginals off at 20K (about 1/2 gone and dealer sold them to some
guy there as used tires while I was waiting) and went to

the Comfortread.  Very quiet tire.  I hear more of the engine now than the


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