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Tire (tyre) testing pages - EU

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Posted by bwilson4web on May 19, 2011, 11:42 am
While looking for car safety information, I found this UK web page
with references to several European tire testing results:

Some of the government and organizations referenced include the

[*]rolling resistance
[*]wet braking
[*]dry braking
[*]wet handling
[*]dry handling

After nearly a decade of "noise" about the importance of tire rolling
resistance measurements, the USA continues to fall behind. About four
years ago, California tested just under 400 tires yet never published
the list. Tire Rack writes 'this is important' fluff pieces but again,
fails to give rolling resistance ranking by tire. Only Consumer
Reports gives a tire rolling resistance score using their 5-value,
scale ... no numbers. Heck, even our EPA has given more 'eyewash' than
facts and data about tire rolling resistance.

Rather than curse the darkness, this web page is an index of EU tire
(tyre) test listing brands and models. Now we may not have the same
tire models but knowing who is doing a good job is a first step.

Bob Wilson

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