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Toyota announces new recall for NHW20 Prius model for steering defect

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Posted by Kubalister on May 30, 2006, 12:32 pm

http://www.smh.com.au/news/National/Steering-defect-triggers-Prius-recall/2006/0 \

http://www.bangkokpost.com/breaking_news/breakingnews.php?id 0008

Toyota is recalling almost one million Prius cars amid safety concerns
with the model's steering.

Toyota Prius NHW20 model vehicles produced in Japan from July 2003 to
November 2005 are being recalled.

The recall affects 2,596 Australian cars and 990,000 internationally.

Toyota says on some vehicles, under certain conditions, the steering
intermediate shaft may become loose or develop a crack.

There have been no reported incidents of this condition in Australia.

The recall also affects some Corolla and Avensis models that are not
available in Australia.

"Owners of an affected vehicle will most likely become aware of a
problem with the steering as a result of increased noise such as a
rattle or a `knocking' sound," Toyota said in a statement.

"In the worst case, if the vehicle continues to be operated under
these conditions, the steering connection may separate or fracture,
which could result in loss of steering."

Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by letter in early June
requesting them to contact their nearest Toyota dealer to arrange for
the problem to be fixed.

This was a free service and would take about one hour, Toyota said.

Posted by mrv@kluge.net on May 30, 2006, 4:40 pm

Kubalister wrote:

Not quite - you're off by an order of 10 for the number of affected
Prius (113,235) - not 1 million.  (Toyota hasn't made 1 million Prius
yet!)  Toyota is recalling 9 different models (including the Corolla,
Wish, Prius, and others) for the same steering rack issue...

On the Toyota Japan recall page:

using the Japanese->English translation at

Recall of 9 models such as wish and eye cis
Notification number 1663
Recall target date May 31st

Concerning the portion of the regular use car of 9 models such as
wish and eye cis, it started delivering the recall of the below-
mentioned contents to the national traffic ministry on 2006 May 30th.

Improvement place explanation drawing:

  1. Circumstance of trouble
Because strength of C"^~fBGCgVtg =
and the
sliding yoke which
the steering wheel and the gear box of the electromotive type power-
steering attaching car is insufficient, the steering wheel is turned
strongly all the way the low-speed time, e.g., the tire is made to
contact the curb, when excessive power repeatedly affects in the
particular part, the connected section loosens, while travelling
there are times when crack occurs. Because of that, when use is
continued that way, when it is worst, the connected section coming
off and/or breaking, there is a possibility leader operation becoming

2. Contents of improvement
As all vehicle, C"^~fBGCgVtg and =
sliding yoke are exchanged to
the measure item, tightening volt/bolt of
C"^~GNXe"V"Vtg is
tightened by stipulated torque.

[snip affected vehicles - I'll include the affected Prius list below]

1.  Because also the vehicle which does not become the object is
included in the range of the under carriage number where the object
car is included, please inquire at the Toyota store of the vicinity
concerning details.
2.  Production period of the object car differs from the time of

Doing to apply annoyance, there is no excuse truly in everyone of
regular use, but making guide from the Toyota store, because it
receives, ahead of time, it comes to the regular use car handling
store of the vicinity and reservation receives store day and time,
inspection repair (no charge) to receive that it receives, it asks.

We apologize to everyone of regular use from thing and the heart
which very much applied annoyance.

NHW20 model (This is found in your driver's door jamb plate, and
should also be on your window sticker.  The NHW20 is the 2004-current
hatchback version of the Prius.)

VINs ending in:  0001043 - 0133242
Production period:  2003 August 1st - 2004 October 13th
Quantity affected:  64,436

VINs ending in:  3000002 - 3130009
Production period:  2004 September 30th - 2005 November 8th
Quantity affected:  31,254

VINs ending in:  7000000 - 7058792
Production period:  2004 October 6th - 2005 November 7th
Quantity affected:  17,545

Posted by Dan Beavers on May 31, 2006, 12:11 am

The recall target date from the Japanese site is 31 May.  I called the
"Customer Experience" line and they said that there is no recall for my
vehicle.  I then asked him (repeatedly until he understood me) if he had
any information on this steering defect recall and his search turned up

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