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Twitchy Handling

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Posted by Speedo on March 27, 2005, 12:33 am
I have 2004 Prius and have notched up 24000 km in NSW on a variety of roads,
much of it intercity and suburban but some rural and remote.
Above 100 km, the handling needs a great deal of concentration and its
tendency to wander off course is not felt through the steering.This is most
noticeable when in the wet and when overtaking trucks and in cross
winds.Others have commented on this and like me have found that higher tyre
pressures have helped --as long as the 2lb/c.in difference is maintained
front to rear. I run at 40/38 lb/c.in as the best option.
I would be interested to hear from others who experience this problem and to
know if changing tyres, [mine are Michelin Energy, 165/90, 15in] or as
somesuggest, going up to 16in rims. Is there a better handling package
available? I already have the itech model with Dynamic Stability
Control--perhaps this is the problem?

Posted by richard schumacher on March 27, 2005, 3:49 am

Probably not.  There's been a great deal of discussion and advice about
this in
which (I think) can be searched without registering; and they can be

Personally I found the handling sensitive at first but got used to it
pretty quickly.

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