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VIP security upgrade?

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Posted by RJGan on October 17, 2005, 2:22 am
Does anybody know what this upgrade entails??

Posted by richard schumacher on October 17, 2005, 2:16 pm

Giving a lot of money to a dealer and getting little or nothing of value
in return?  

A Prius can't be hot-wired.  The only feasible ways to steal one are to
(1) first steal the keys, or (2) haul it away on a flatbed.  An add-on
"security system" will do very little good.

Posted by mrv@kluge.net on October 18, 2005, 12:41 am
 Vehicle Intrusion Protection

PN: 08586-47840
RS3200 Security System Upgrade *1
PPO (port option code) V5

PN: 08586-47840
GBS *2
PPO (port option code) V2

*1 Applicable to vehicles equipped with Factory Keyless Entry System.

*2 Must be equipped with factory Security System.

They are briefly explained at:

Some 2004-2005 Prius option packages already come with the security
alarm (packages AG, AI, and BC).  For the other packages, you have to
purchase the RS3200 upgrade from Toyota.  Basically, you pay the dealer
to hook up the scantool to the Prius to turn on the security alarm
(horn beeps/lights blink if someone tries opening a door/hood when
armed) that's already there in the software (but not by default turned
on except in given packages).

(some people who have become friendly with their dealer's service techs
have reported having the alarm upgrade done for free while they were
checking out other things...)

The reason for the same part number is that any 2004-2005 Prius can buy
the Glass Breakage Sensor.  Included with the little microphone is
instructions on how to activate the alarm...  The GBS will sound the
horn/blink the lights if the microphone detects the sound of
breaking/vibrating glass.  (If the microphone is too sensitively tuned,
thunderstorms or planes flying close overhead may also set it off.)

The alarm draws attention to your vehicle.  Or at least that's the
theory - how many people also ignore the sounding car alarms, as
they're so common?  It's really there in the case of someone trying to
get into your car (maybe for a purse, loose change, some CDs, a laptop,
etc. left in the car) than to keep your car from being stolen.  At
least the alarm should give you a better discount with your auto
insurer, rather than just the standard engine immobilizer that's on
every Prius.

(I'll note that 2001-2003 Prius come standard with both the engine
immobilizer and an alarm.  GBS is extra.)

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