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WTF? A Prototype and Concept Car In A Prius Commercial?

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Posted by ConceptPrius=NoPrius on October 5, 2011, 4:59 pm

What kind of nonsense vaporware is this?

This is as ridiculous as listening to a another LYING Republican
claiming what they are going to do and then getting into office and
messing everything up.  Stats PROVE the country and stock market
always performs poorer when Republicans are in power.  Numbers don't

Neither should car commercials.

I went to the State Fair of Texas.

Where's the pure electric Prius?  asketh I.

Oh, it's not here.

WTF?  Yeah but over there is the LEAF.

I'm tired of BS from people who know better.

This USED to be America.

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on October 5, 2011, 11:40 pm
 ConceptPrius=NoPrius wrote:

Prius isn't an electric car, it's a gasoline car.

Why ask for a "pure electric Prius"?  How about "where's the electric

Nissan created a unique car when they went electric.  The Leaf.  I would
expect Toyota not to sully the Prius name with such confusion, but would
instead do what Nissan did and make an entirely new brand name for an
electric car.

Posted by Neo on October 10, 2011, 7:31 pm
 On Oct 6, 1:59am, ConceptPrius=NoPrius wrote:

You've been misinformed.

There is no such thing as a pure electric Prius and from the reports
I've read - Toyota's USA strategy is to keep he Prius brand as
a electric-gasoline hybrid.  In the next few years, Toyota will
expand the Prius brand by adding three new vehicles -
(1) a plug-in hybrid version of the Prius (PHEV), (2) a crossover
hybrid called  the Prius v(ersatile), and (3) a metro commuter
called a Prius concept-C.  Toyota has said over and over
again that they dont like the cost-performance of the current
technology for pure electric vehicles and that current BEV
technology does not match/fit the Prius' targeted base/market
which is focused on vehicles with a base price of  25K USD.
IMHO Toyota is not likely to alter this decision..From what
I understand the Prius Concept-C hybrid will be sold in Japan and
Europe first where there is a significant demand and market
for metro/urban commuting hybrid cars (the USA segment
market for metro commuting cas is smaller ). From the
initial reports, it looks like the Prius Concept-C
will cost several thousands less than a regular Prius and
get about 10 mpg more in the city ( but about the same
mpg on the highway) as the regular Prius hatchback.

The Prius Concept-C will represent a challenge to the Honda
Insight as a low cost leader for hybrids and a future match
for the Hyundai Accent BlueDrive Hybrid (if it ever gets the
go ahead from Hyundai's upper management for production).

However, Toyota and Tesla have a joint project to re-introduce
the pure electric RAV4 EV1 in the near future but it will not be
sold under the Prius brand/family. The battery electric vehicle
(BEV) RAV4 will be built in a Canadian factory and it will cost
about the same price and have a similar range as the Nissan Leaf.
The new resurrected RAV4-EV will have a Tesla power plant
and Li-ion power pack. Tom Hanks has a Youtube video on
the original Toyota RAV4 EV1 - which uses NiMH batteries
if IIRC. The success of this joint venture is mainly in the
hands of Tesla ( so lets hope for their success!)


Walter Lee

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