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Web forums?

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Posted by Bob & Holly Wilson on November 4, 2007, 10:16 am
Hi folks,

One of the problems with USENET have been the trolls. Some groups
adopted moderators and auto-bots . . . something "alt.*" seems to
reject.  In contrast, the web based forums have solved the problem by
using moderators, the very thing for serious discussions. These are the
forums I'm using:

GreenHybrid.com - advocacy and news
PriusChat.com - technical
Yahoogroups - technical, heavy

I'm curious as to what web forums other folks are using?

Bob Wilson

Posted by richard schumacher on November 4, 2007, 4:47 pm
 bwilson4use@hotmail.com (Bob & Holly Wilson) wrote:

http://priuschat.com  also has news and advocacy.
http://prisuonline.com  is perhaps duplicative but the interface is a bit

For technical news and discussion of green transport of all kinds see

http://www.evworld.com/  is a good source of links to stories on
transport in the popular media.

Useful blogs include

Posted by Bob & Holly Wilson on November 4, 2007, 8:46 pm


Bob Wilson

Posted by Mike Rosenberg on November 4, 2007, 4:56 pm

Okay, what I'm about to write is off-topic for this group but relevant
to your post.

The person who creates an alt.* group determines whether the group is
moderated or not, as I learned when I created this group, at Michelle
Steiner's suggestion.  I had no intention of putting in the effort to be
a moderator, so that's why this group is unmoderated.  Presumably the
same is true of most all other alt.* groups.

As for the trolls, and now this is _WAY_ off-topic, but I see you're
posting from a Mac using MacSOUP, as I am, and that newsreader excels at
killfiling.  Not only can you use its "autokill" feature, to filter all
followups along with the original posts, you can autokill individual
thread and even, my favorite, subthreads.

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Posted by Bob & Holly Wilson on November 4, 2007, 8:46 pm
 Hi Mike,

The version I'm running has an adequate killfile capability although I
would prefer the ability to use "AND" and "OR". I've tweaked my kill
file and if our little friend comes back, I have no problem tweaking it
again. I understand 'thunderbird' (???) might have the advanced reader
logic that would work. But back to my original question.

My interest in mapping the other forums is two fold. First, personal
since I enjoy reading about what folks are doing with their Prius and
hybrids. But the second has to do with helping newbies find a sensible
place to ask questions but by accident of history, show up here only to
get slammed by sociopathic trolls.

We've had a similar problems in other forums including my favorite,
'hsv.*" groups. Only in "hsv.*," the problem has been the ditto heads
who took Newt's admonitions to heart only to reveal they can't take what
they love to dish out. What is sad is the degree that trolls eventually
tire, move on, only to be replaced by new sociopaths.

Bob Wilson

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