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What's Wrong With My 2001 Prius !

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Posted by casagiannoni on June 7, 2013, 5:03 pm
Have had perfect light service for 12 years to 60,000 miles with not a
single  issues whatsoever.

Now all of a sudden, the charging has gone Strange under a variety of

e.g. - when stopped at long light, the ICE would always typically shut
down, but then start up spontaneously, presumably to charge the
Battery as might specially be needed. It always had don this. Now it
shuts off immediately and completely and remains off until I
throttle-up to go again, when it starts again.

The energy graphic is showing a lot of things that don't make sense,
including no energy transfer whatsoever at odd times when energy is
obviously in transit.

Any help, most graciously appreciated, and thanks   ...

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