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Posted by A Sherman on December 19, 2005, 1:07 pm

I took your suggestion and checked the oil level.  It was ~ 1/8" above the
full hole.  The dealer's bill charged me for 4 quarts.

Is this excessive?   Is this a serious issue?  I will call the dealer and ask.
What are the experiences of others?


Posted by Bill on December 19, 2005, 6:44 pm

From the 2005 manual, page 286:  "Avoid overfilling or the hybrid system
could be damaged"  and from page 314 the capacity is 3.9 quarts with filter,
3.6 quarts without filter.  If they changed the filter it would be slightly
overfilled, if they didn't it would be considerably overfilled.  Glad you
brought this up because mine was considerably overfilled (about 3/8" on the
stick) so perhaps they didn't even bother changing the filter.

Posted by onerpm on November 17, 2005, 3:53 pm
 jiffy lube.  oil change.  $0.

Posted by Michael Pardee on November 19, 2005, 2:47 pm
(Probably the first of several responses like this) I don't trust the
quickie oil change places not to damage my car. Cross-threaded drain plugs,
requiring replacement of the oil pan, are the most frequent complaint (and
are not covered under warranty... good luck getting the oil change place to
pay for it.) Wrong fluids, failing to put fluids in, putting fluids in the
wrong place, breaking things - these are all frequent complaints regarding
JL and the others.

This is a good time to determine where you want to take your car for service
when you have trouble. If you get a fair price from the dealer, you've found
your mechanic. If you already have a good mechanic, the matter is settled.
It can save you thousands in the long run - no fooling.


Posted by Stan and Dee Bringer on November 19, 2005, 3:00 pm
 This is the very reason I have been changing my own oil since I have owned
cars starting back in 1964!  I am assured of doing it right.  I am assured
of putting the correct oil in the crankcase.  And I am assured of putting
the correct amount of oil in the crankcase.  And since I own a torque
wrench, I am assured of replacing the drain plug with the proper amount of



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