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Where's the trashcan in a Prius?

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Posted by Whatchamacallit on October 31, 2011, 12:09 am

Where's the ashtray/trashcan in a Prius?  I know that Toyota took out
the cigarette lighters and put phony ashtrays in just for trash a
while back like most manufacturers.  I can't even find that in the new

So where do you put your trash?  Out the window?  

I have an aftermarket trashbag with a flexible metal cord designed to
fit in a vent.  Problem is that no vent is available that isn't either
over a glove box, button or ready to fly out the door.

Can't hang it off the glove box or that won't close.

Can't wrap it around the shift like in the previous version since the
shift is sprouting up.

Are you supposed to put a mini trashcan in that lower tray of that
stupid bar with the shift?  That's where I keep my Kleenex.  

And what do you call that area anyway?  That funny triangular
horizontal plastic thing that divides the driver from the passenger?
The drive-in movie make-out preventer?

These cars.  Really.

Posted by bwilson4web on November 2, 2011, 3:21 pm
On Oct 31, 8:09am, Whatchamacal...@Prius.com wrote:

Passenger side foot well?

Seriously, I take one of those useless plastic bags the clerks always
use for even a single purchase and keep it on the passenger side. When
it is full and I'm filling up, I toss it in their trash can. Then I go
in and buy one of those bottled coffee drinks and get a new plastic

You're parking the wrong direction. We always parked with the rear of
the station wagon facing the screen and the window rolled down. Pads,
pillows a cooler, mosquito repellant and we're good to go.

Bob Wilson

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