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Will Toyota Etios Liva satisfy the expectations of customers?

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Posted by Amruta on July 4, 2011, 11:41 am

The long wait for the first Toyota hatchback in the country is
finished as prospective buyers will be able to drive out their Etios
Livas out of Toyota showrooms. One of the most anticipated hatchbacks
of 2011.
Are you willing to see it's performance and What do you think, will it
fulfill demands of customers?


Posted by Neo on July 5, 2011, 9:04 am

The Prius more technologically advanced( but it costs 3x more) than
the Etios Livas.

Reportedly, Toyota India has had a difficult time keeping up
with orders for the Etois Livas and some customers in India
have cancelled their orders for a Toyota Etios Liva after
waiting for many months for delivery.
( long waits for car orders to be fullfilled is not uncommon
in India - the demand for cars in India is way above India's
current domestic capacity to make them).

A Toyota Etios Livas is a 42 mpg highway 30 mpg city
upscale(*) conventional car (India auto market ) which starts
selling for 4 lakhs (400000 Indian Rupees =  $317.73 US dollars)
for the basic version to 6 lakhs for the more upscale versions.
The Etios Livas competes with the Tata Indica Vista, Chevy Beat,
Hyundai i10, Honda Bio, and the VW Polo.

(*) any car in India where an air conditioner is standard is focused
    the upper end of the India car buying market.


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