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Posted by on April 16, 2007, 7:26 am

If you can pass as a senior,
it could be even cheaper.

Posted by Jean B. on April 16, 2007, 2:52 pm

mark_digital© wrote:

How do they define senior?  That seems to vary.

Jean B.

Posted by on April 16, 2007, 10:41 pm

Yes indeed it does vary very much. In one unrelated category of sales, one
cashier gives me a discount and the other doesn't. From your own past
experience would you advise me to mention this discrepancy to the cashier
who doesn't or would you advise against upsetting the apple cart?

Posted by mrv@kluge.net on April 16, 2007, 5:11 pm

Egad is right!

2004 US Prius 36 month/30,000 mile service:
http://smg.toyotapartsandservice.com/guides.php?v &y 04&int_id=6

* Replace engine oil and oil filter
* Rotate tires
* Replace cabin air filter
* Replace engine air filter

engine oil and oil filter, and rotate tires is what is done at every
other 5,000 mile/6 month service, probably about $0.

Go to your dealer's website, perhaps they have some parts or service
discount coupons.

For the cabin air filter and engine air filter, I suggest buying the
filters yourself from your preferred Toyota parts source (your dealer
or online/elsewhere), and doing it yourself.  They're really easy!

Yes, the cabin air filter instructions are in the owner's manual, in
the DIY maintenance area.  I have listed suggestions on it here:
Basically, you need to take out all the stuff in your glove
compartment box, remove a pin to drop the glove box down, and then
slide the drawer out for the filter and replace.

For the engine air filter, the hardest part is figuring out how to pop
the clips.  (reminds me of some suitcases...)  Be sure you get all of
them! After that, you just flip up the cover, pull out the old filter
and drop in the new filter, and reverse the process...  You're looking
for the big black box that is sitting on top of the engine.
Photos of its location, and clip locations, can be found here:
(the page is for replacing the OEM air filter with a 3rd party K&N
filter, so you don't really need to read past the 3rd photo, but it
helps you identify where to replace the filter.)

my recollection of the engine air filter box is that it has 4 latches.
most of them you pull up, and then lift off the now loosened hook.
One of
the latches is different than the others, though.

Also, you do not want to tilt the old engine air filter that you are
taking out - you don't want the collected dirt/leaves to fall back
into the engine compartment!

After you have replaced both filters, you'll wonder why anyone pays a
dealer to do it, it's so simple...  (once you have figured out how to
do it once, anyways...)

You can find some suggested discount Toyota parts dealers here:

When I last needed to change the filters in my Prius, I had a special
parts discount coupon for my local dealer for air filters, so I went
local.  Otherwise, I would've ordered from:
Cabin air filter, $5:
http://www.metrotpn.com/ProductDetails.aspx?CollectionID%&ProductID 3&SortIndex
Engine air filter, $2:
http://www.metrotpn.com/ProductDetails.aspx?CollectionID%&ProductID 5&SortIndex&

and yes, you typically should shop around for dealership pricing for
the "major" services, particularly if you only ask for the X mile
service (and not for what actually needs to be done to your car per
the scheduled maintenance guide).  Many dealers like to add in (and
charge you for!) a bunch of services at the X mile services, whether
you need them done or not.

For example, for my 2001 Prius' 48 month (60,000 mile) service:
http://smg.toyotapartsandservice.com/guides.php?v &y 01&int_idV
* Replace engine air filter
* Replace engine coolant
* Replace engine oil and oil filter
* Replace inverter coolant
* Replace spark plugs 2
* Rotate tires

Taken from my previous post on Nov. 11, 2005:

Be sure to call around for pricing.  I just called around today for
the 60,000 mile service for my 2001 Prius.  (I'm only at ~41,000
miles, but I am behind by months...  (The last service or two I only
did the oil/filter change and tire rotation.)  I just put new winter
tires on my Prius today, and I haven't had an alignment done ever on
my Prius, so I also priced that too.

dealer 1: $95, though they suggest an additional tire balance ($5)
and a 4-wheel alignment ($9.95) at that service, if you choose to do

dealer 2: $99.95 which includes a 4 wheel alignment (subtract $9.95
if you don't need the alignment)

dealer 3: $80, and an additional $9.95 for a 4-wheel alignment

dealer 4: $65, and an additional $8 (!) for a 4-wheel alignment

These dealers are in the metrowest Boston, MA area.

Posted by mrv@kluge.net on April 16, 2007, 5:30 pm

The Toyota prepaid maintenance plan at the 5,000 mile/6 month
intervals which is oil/filter changes and tire rotations (Premium
version, not the Classic), offers:
Every 5,000 miles    2 yr / 25,000 mi        $50 (includes 1 major
 Every 5,000 miles    3 yr / 40,000 mi        $,015 (includes 2 major
 Every 5,000 miles    4 yr / 55,000 mi        $,355(includes 3 major
But note that the listed prices are the MSRP.  You can haggle down
this price with the finance guy.  The 4 year/55,000 mile Premium
version at 5,000 mile intervals can be found for around $00...
(hint: see some of the suggested Toyota Extra Care extended warranty
dealers on vfaq.net )

If your local dealer is really that expensive, then a haggled-down
priced Toyota prepaid maintenance plan would be beneficial in your

(Note that it is possible that your dealer has services included in
that $00 price for the 30,000 mile service that may not be covered by
the Toyota pre-paid maintenance plan, though, if those services aren't
what's listed on the scheduled maintenance guide...)

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