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Posted by Chuppicat on May 18, 2005, 11:50 pm
Not sure what you mean by "more fuel" stops. How often? What gas mileage are
you getting?
The worst mileage I have experienced in my Prius is 42 mpg . As it gets a
little more mileage on it and the weather gets warmer, I am averaging 52-53
mpg. The calculated lifetime mpg for 4,000 mi. is now about 50 mpg.

Since I am very conservative, I don't press the gas guage and have always
tended to refuel when it hits about 1/4 tank. This means my refills on the
Prius range from 300 to 450 miles. I have had 19 cars in my lifetime and
none have beat that (I also fueled them at about 1/4 tank).

My worst was an Olds Cutlass that was a good car but had really bad kidneys.
On road trips I could seldom go much more than 100 miles until I was looking
for gas. Terribly irritating then but now it wouldn't be too bad as after a
100 mile leg I looking for a place to empty my tank, not to fill it.

By the way, I would rather not have a larger tank on the Prius as I wouldn't
want to take away the weight from the maximum load it should carry. A second
10 gal tank would hold 60 lbs of gasoline (plus the weight of the tank and
plumbing). Don't think stretching the range to 800 miles is worth that loss.

Posted by aaron klein on May 23, 2005, 4:52 pm
Thank to everyone for your inputs.
I guess my problem is that I share car with wife and daughter, but I always
seem to get stuck filling up.   Most fillups are between 9.5- 10 gal (when
the gas gauge is blinking)  I'm afraid of going dry even though the tank is
11.9gal.  Has anyone in the group ever run out of fuel?


Posted by humin32 on May 24, 2005, 2:28 pm
aaron klein wrote:

tank is

Yea I've run out of gas.  Nice thing is that the car will keep going on
electric.  The battery will go down very fast, so get to a gas station
ASAP.  Also the speed will be reduced.  I was on the highway ~65MPH
when the gas engine stopped, I was able to continue moving at about
~35MPH.  I got off at the next exit and stopped at the first station,
all told I traveled maybe 2 miles after I hit empty.

One thing I've learned about the Prius, do not gauge that amount of gas
in your tank by the distance traveled on that tank.  Seems the littlest
things, such as weather, will affect the mileage significantly.  For
example, I use the Prius to commute approximately 50 miles each way,
every freaking day.  I'm the only driver of the car.  Yesterday
morning I filled up, and according to the real time MPG calculation I
averaged 51.4MPG over my 100 mile drive yesterday.  Today in Boston
it's raining cats and dogs, along with a nice 15mph+ wind, on the
first half of my commute the MPG for this weeks tank has dropped below
48MPG, and I had roughly 4 miles of creeping in traffic which raised
the average since I was on electric mostly.  Another thing I've
learned is that the car calculated MPG is usually way off from reality.
 I've been keeping track and usually the car calculation is higher
than a manual calculation of (total miles) / (gallons) per tank.

Posted by dbs__usenet on June 2, 2005, 6:25 am
Rain and wind will adversely effect the milage of any car.  Extra rolling
resistance and estra wind resistance = more power needed.

The milage meter is accurate on most Prius.  The disparity you see may
be due to the flexible bladder in the gas tank.  The bladder does not
stretch as much when cold, so the gas tank effectively changes size from
one fill to the next.  Check your milage over 7 or 8 fills, and you will
find it's not too far off.

There are lots of posts you can find on the subject on google.


Posted by JJ on June 20, 2005, 4:09 am
 I have had my Package 6 since Feb. And I have NEVER put more than 10.5
gallons into it. I always get more than 400 Miles per tank, and I have
gotten as much as 475. No I don't get the mileage that many other Prius
drivers get. I am not complaining. I get more than 30 MPG better than my
last car (98 Blazer) and I couldn't be happier!

The not so funny thing about it is, the very first tank I filled was the
very last time I paid less than $.00 a gallon. I do NOT expect to ever pay
less than $.00 a gallon ever again. At this rate, I save over $00 a month
in fuel. My return on investment should be verey good comparitively. Has any
one else noticed how much people are paying for used Prisii??? I looked at
used ones when I bought, the best I could find was an '04 with 25K Miles and
they wanted a grand total of $000 less than I payed for my new one.

Oh What a Feeling!


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