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flaky bluetooth phone - Samsung A900

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Posted by perfb@yahoo.com on July 27, 2006, 5:43 pm

the Samsung A900 is apparently crippled re bluetooth functionality as
it cannot upload phone book to Prius, and has a bug where it generates
phony incoming call notifications when crossing cell boundaries.

So, I have taken to leaving the Bluetooth off on the A900.

But, when I do decide to use it, there is another annoyance that I cant
figure out:  if I dial on the A900 the Prius will connect via bluetooth
ok, but may or may not play the audio through the speakers, sometimes
it starts playing the audio and then turns it off and I have to pick up
the phone, or it may not play the audio at all even though it dials ok.

is this another A900 bug or some weirdness with the Prius bluetooth

is there a good quick online howto guide to using a bluetooth phone on
the Prius?

Posted by kari on July 28, 2006, 4:58 am

This sounds like a phone problem. I have an Ericsson T616 with Cingular
service and I have not experienced anything like that with either my 2004 or
2006 Prius. I have also heard that some cell phone providers cripple the
bluetooth on their phones because they are trying to sell equivalent
services. I Googled Prius+blutooth when I first got my car and didn't really
find much that was helpful. I got mine going using my phone manual and the
Prius Owner's manual.


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