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Posted by Michelle Steiner on November 21, 2004, 6:24 am

Well, except for the young part, you pretty much got it right.  We'll be
celebrating my 62nd birthday at the local Rocky Horror Picture Show in a
few weeks.

That too.

Well, you did get 4 out of 5, big boy.

Nothing wrong with that. ;)

Stop Mad Cowboy Disease:  Impeach the son of a Bush.

Posted by John J. DeGrazia on November 21, 2004, 9:23 pm
But have you put the back seats down and done it in your Prius yet???


Life is too short to post at the bottom!
John (remove .remove to reply) DeGrazia

Posted by Mike Rosenberg on November 21, 2004, 2:49 pm

I've met Michelle in real life.  She's an older sexy,

Mike Rosenberg
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Posted by richard schumacher on November 17, 2004, 4:31 am
  nobody@home.net wrote:

To save gas money, no.  To save on air pollution and foreign oil
dependence, yes.  If you want to minimize your direct expenses buy a
used Honda.

Posted by nobody on November 17, 2004, 1:56 pm
 On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 22:31:03 -0600, richard schumacher

Thanks for the response Richard.  By the way, I didn't write the
question above; I wrote a respone to it, but I agree with your answer.
Well said! That's the story in a nutshell.


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