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Posted by Michelle Vadeboncoeur on November 17, 2004, 7:41 pm

If all you want to do is save money, walk/bike.  You're already feeding
yourself anyways.  Otherwise, how about a nice used Honda Insight,
Honda Civic Hybrid, or Toyota Prius?  clean, good gas mileage, and
since they're used they're less expensive.  Or get an old diesel,
convert it to 100% biodiesel/veggie oil, not so clean but no more money
going for petro-fuels.

Posted by RZ on November 25, 2004, 3:57 pm
I have owned an Insight for four years.  I also just picked
up my Prius.  The Insight is a great car and you won't be
able to beat the great mileage it gets.  Love the Prius for
all of its other great features, but it won't touch the
Insight's mileaage.

Also, I was T-boned a few months ago, a woman with dialated
eyes ran a stop sign.  Nailed the Insight's passenger door.
The officer was amazed at how well it took the damage.  Repair
costs were amazingly low, under $,000.


Posted by Aaron on November 29, 2004, 9:23 pm
 Well, after reading these posts and many articles I decided to get a
Prius, and I love it! The Prius had more room and features than the
Insight, and according to the EPA, better gas mileage (for automatics)
- and that's the whole reason for me getting a hybrid. I've driven
almost 400 miles already and it only cost me $3. A lot better than my
$0+ a tank before.

For the person who wrote "ride a bike" probably doesn't live in CA or
commutes to work.

Thanks for everyone's feedback.


Chewy2426@aol.com (Aaron) wrote in message

Posted by Larry Morphew on November 30, 2004, 7:16 am
 Congrats, Aaron!

We now have 7000 miles on our '04 (purchased mid-July) and we cannot
imagine having a nicer or more economical vehicle. Although we're not
getting the 60 mpg that we've heard about, we don't baby it either and
drive 80 on most Interstate highways and 60+ on the state highways and
county farm-to-market roads.

We live in Iowa so it will be interesting to see how the Prius handles
the cold weather but we expect no problems whatsoever.

Our fuel savings have been significant and it handles and rides like a
dream. We truly believe that this is the best auto we've ever owned
and we've owned some nice Caddies, Oldsmobiles, Chryslers, etc., in
the past.

Good luck with your new Prius and I hope you enjoy yours as much as we
are enjoying ours!

Larry Morphew
'04 Toyota Prius
'55 Studebaker Commander


Chewy2426@aol.com (Aaron) wrote in message


don't want to waste my money buying a hybrid when I

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