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question about roofrack

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Posted by king on July 13, 2008, 6:50 am

I could use a bit more space in the holidays.
A roofrack and a box (Thule) would do the trick.

Until now I've only seen a roofrack that can be bought at the Toyota dealer,
but none at Halfords that fits.
Is this roofrack so special that only Toyota can sell it to me for a high
price or has anyone found a reliable substitute.


Posted by Chas Gill on July 13, 2008, 9:34 pm

Halfords do a Thule rack and box that fits the Prius - I know this cos I
just fitted it!  You might have to go to one of the bigger Halfords stores
to find this stuff - but it is freely available on the Halfords web site.

You need to ask for Thule parts no: -

762 (standard) or 862 (Aerodynamic) bar set.
750 Roof adaptor kit
1345 Fitting Kit - this last item will need to be ordered in - only takes a
day or so.

They fitted mine for me in about 10 minutes at no cost.

The box was a Halfords (actually a re-badged Thule) 470 litre EXODUS in
nice, glossy black - same as the car.  It all looks rather smart when
mounted on the roof and cost around 370 UK pounds all in.  The box can
handle 60 kgs - although I don't intend to load it anything like that much.

PS if anyone knows I'd love to know what the maximum roof loading is for the
Prius - I can't find a reference to it anywhere.


Posted by king on July 14, 2008, 5:30 am

Many thanks for this excellent advise. I will check it out at my local store
(they can order anything).
I also have a black so thanks again. When you see me drive the


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