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upcoming engine part recall

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Posted by mrv@kluge.net on July 18, 2006, 8:25 pm

It only affects some Classic Prius (I think some 2001s and maybe
2002s), amongst a whole lot of other cars (like the Corolla).  The
manufacture date on my 2001 Prius is 12/00, so it looks like I'm fine
(see the door jamb plate/under bonnet/hood plate for your production
date).  It'll be at least a month or three before the recall makes it
to the US...

Don't you just love these news stories that make it seem like all of
the Prius are being recalled, yet there's only a small number of
affected Prius and a whole lot of other more conventional Toyotas that
are also affected!  The sky is falling!

Japanese recall page:

using the Japanese -> English translation from
http://babelfish.altavista.com/  :

Recall of 12 models such as .... and Corolla
Notification number 1699
Recall target date July 19th

  Concerning the portion of regular use car of 12 models such as ....
and Corolla, it started delivering the recall of the below-mentioned
contents to the national traffic ministry on 2006 July 18th.

  Improvement place explanation drawing

 1. Circumstance of trouble
In the crank angular sensor of the engine, because formation of the
resin make body is inadequate, there are some whose catching generation
of the lock of the wiring connector is little and some where seal
characteristic of ..... is insufficient. Because of that, from .....
the motor oil to penetrate gradually into the sensor, when use is
continued that way, the
lock of the connector to become deformed the oil which penetrated heat
by expanding inside the sensor, when it is worst, connection of the
connector slipping, it becomes continuity defective, there is a
possibility the engine not be able to restart stopping and becoming.

2. Contents of improvement
All vehicle, the particular sensor is exchanged with the non-defective

3. Object vehicle
[there's a long list of vehicles here.  I only recognize the Corolla
and the Prius (pre-mortar)...  only 2.5% of the total vehicles recalled
(268,570) are Prius, and I'll only list that info]
Type = ZA-NHW11
Alias name = Pre- mortar
The object car it is included Under carriage number = NHW11-0024306 -
Production period = 2001 January 31st - 2001 September 21st
Object car Quantity = 6,725

1.  Because also the vehicle which does not become the object is
included in the range of the under carriage number where the object car
is included, please inquire at the Toyota store of the vicinity
concerning details.
2.  Production period of the object car differs from the time of

 Doing to apply annoyance, there is no excuse truly in everyone of
regular use, but making guide from the Toyota store, because it
receives, ahead of time, it comes to the regular use car handling store
of the vicinity and reservation receives store day and time, inspection
repair (no charge) to receive that it receives, it asks.

We apologize to everyone of regular use from thing and the heart which
very much applied annoyance.

Please inquire the question regarding the car to the nearbyToyota
storeor customer aspectual talks center of top page lower part.

Posted by mrv@kluge.net on July 18, 2006, 8:33 pm

US Press release:


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