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Posted by Jean B. on September 5, 2005, 5:45 pm
Peter Fleming wrote:

[replied in email, because I first saw this msg there <g>]

Jean B.

Posted by mrv@kluge.net on September 18, 2005, 4:42 pm
The North American model Prius will automatically turn off the
headlights for you if you turn off the car and open the driver's door.
The UK version will just buzz at you.

Since you are in South Africa, are you aware of the local Prius
discussion group:

If you look in the US 2004 Prius Owner's Manual (should be similar page
on 2005), on pages 24-27 (table on page 27) which lists different types
of inside and outside beeps and their meanings.  Could be anything from
leaving the key inside the vehicle while trying to lock the car, to
taking the key outside of the vehicle while it's still on, and a bunch
of other reasons...

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