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Posted by king on October 2, 2008, 7:32 pm
Last 2 weeks I took my Prius on a tour around Western Europe through
Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal.
Made some 5500 km and what a pleasure it was!
In the roughest terrain North of Burgos (Spain) in a very hilly area driving
on dirtroads with lots of pebbles striking the bottom of the car it did not
fail me at any time. My navteq navigation told me that this road was not
drivable, but the Prius did not mind. It took me seemingly effortless to all
those beautiful little villages and on that Sundaymorning the the car was
attacked by 5 geese. In the next 3 house village a couple of dogs tried to
bite the tires but this did not disturb the driving behavior of the car.
The average fuelconsumption was a bit higher in tough terrain but in general
I made a nice 5.1 liters to 100 km.

Previously I have here if the battery could be overloaded when drinving
downhill for a long time and was re-assured that I should not worry about
it. I used the downhill braking (B) setting often and it works very good

In all I am very happy with the driving experience and will soon plan more
long trips and enjoy this fine piece of technique.
I can recommend this car to just about anyone who loves a spacious and
comfortable car.

To go short: "I'm addicted to the hybrid now"

Greetings to all
King (of the hill)

Posted by Tomes on October 2, 2008, 9:12 pm
Glad to hear it.

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