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Posted by Bim Ron Hubbard on March 27, 2007, 10:12 pm
I am thinking of buying a new Prius. I just test drove one today that
had the package 4 options in it and I really like that car. I do want a
GPS, but buying the package 6 just to get the GPS makes no sense. I can
buy a third party GPS, plus get the ability to take the GPS with me when
I travel. I am curious if any of your Prius owners use a third party GPS
in your car and if so, how does it mount on the dashboard and how does
it work for you? I am not sure which GPS to buy, but it needs to mount
unobtrusively in the car, be easily removed so I can take it on vacation
with me when I rent a car far from home, and also be Mac OS X compatible
for updates.

If any of you has any comments on this topic, please post them here.


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