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10,000 acres of free BLM land for solar - contact BLM

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Posted by Bill on July 5, 2008, 11:02 pm
Private companies are trying to steal blm land for their own
interests, using the old right-wing non-sense "We" need the energy for
a strong America.   The truth is they want to control the energy for
themselves and sell it to you.

Go to BLM.gov, under the first solar link, and send something similar

I think the BLM land belongs to the American people.  I think the
government should run the electric grid (or allow private companies to
maintain it).  Create a remote net metering law where everyone has the
right to generate 10,000 square feet of their own photovoltaic
electricity on BLM public land.  Set the rights to 300,000,000 permits
or the current population of the United States and give everyone a
permit.  Create no new permits!!!!!  Allow permits to be deeded.  Kick
hard all the private energy companies off the public lands asap.
Create assets for the people not the corporations.

Nanosolar can produce pv for $ a watt.  They won't sell it to the
public yet.  Their reasons probably range from they don't want all the
current pv companies to go broke to hey maybe we can control the
energy market with the utilities using BLM land that belongs to the
people.  There are about 4 other companies in the $ a watt
photovoltaic race.  Sunpowercorp can make pv panels at 20 watts per
square foot.  This number should approach 30 watts per square foot as
spectrolab makes panels for space at 35 watts per square foot.
Basically 1000 KW-hrs a day.

This is the situation I envision.  You own a pv plant in the desert.
Maybe even intalled on a steel building you can use as a storage
facility or lease it out to a homeless person.  Others might just
install the pv on poles.  The pv might actaully be a plus to wildlife
as it will provide some shading, especially if some people install
rainwater harvesting systems.  All you do is connect your pv system in
dc to a main line.  Rather than install meters on all sites, you would
get an assessment of the power you produce.  If something goes wrong
the system is insured.  There is very little erosion in the desert so
well built system might run 10-20-50 years with no maintenence.  In
some areas, to make the area aesthetically pleasing, all systems would
be made and required to look the same.

Search net metering at wikipedia if you are not familiar with the

Even if you don't use your rights initially you might want to later.

Anyone interested in creating a nationwide campaign?

Posted by Bill on July 6, 2008, 8:25 pm
I meant 10,000 square feet.

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